Sell your property

Have you found your perfect property but are unable to sell your own home to make your dreams a reality? Or are you in need of a quick sale to free up cash for other projects? Whatever your reasons, here at Lord Residential we can move quickly to purchase your home and take the hassle out of selling.

In many cases we can complete a deal to purchase your home in less than 2 weeks, meaning you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you will get the cash you need in next to no time.

Our expert team will come out and assess your property inside and out to give you an honest appraisal of our best price. Once you’re happy with the deal, we can then move quickly to complete the purchase – and you could have the cash in your bank in just a fortnight!

By using Lord Residential you can cut out any lengthy or drawn-out wrangling with a potential buyer or disputes over certain aspects of the deal. Say goodbye to estate agents delays and forget all about their fees! With us the deal is straightforward and quick.

Why sell your property to us?

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your property quickly, including:

  • Repossession: We can provide you with the cash you need to stop repossession. Selling your property will release much-needed equity in your property and bring to an end the threat of forcibly losing your home.
  • Financial difficulty:No matter how you may have gotten into financial difficulty, we can help! Selling your house quickly and easily to us could release valuable equity and give you the cash you need to settle your debts and start again with a clean slate
  • Buying a new property: Have you spotted your dream property for sale but are unable to sell yours? We could buy your home for cash, meaning you can move quickly – and chain free – to secure the home you’ve always wanted.
  • Moving abroad: Are you ready to make that life-changing decision and move abroad? But is the sale of your house dragging? Lord Residential can buy your property quickly and easily so you can have the cash in your bank in just two weeks, ready for your new life overseas!
  • Divorce A divorce can be a stressful time, especially if the settlement is complicated. At the centre of most issues is (usually) the house, but a quick sale to us could allow the cash to be in your bank in next to no time – meaning you can move on with your life.
  • Inheritance: Are you due to inherit a property from a relative or close friend? Do you not want the hassle of dealing with a complicated house that’s in need of renovation? If you’re in need of turning that property into cash quickly, then talk to us!

Whatever your reasons, here at Lord Residential we offer a professional service that is guaranteed to impress. We have many years of experience within the property sector and are very confident that we can offer you a highly competitive price for your property.
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