Sell your land

If you own a plot of land – big or small – and think it may have development potential, then talk to our team at Lord Residential. We have helped dozens of people get the cash they need by buying their land or property hassle free.

Land can be an extremely valuable commodity in this day and age and, whether your land is in the city or the country, it can be worth cashing in to release the capital for your other needs. We have worked with many individuals over the years to assess the value of their land and purchase it quickly and smoothly.

Your land doesn’t need to have planning permission for us to be interested! Do you simply have a large garden with access to a main road? Do you own a strip of land near to where you live or are you simply thinking about putting in planning permission for a property on land that you own? If the answer is yes then you could sell it to Lord Residential and we could get you the cash you need!

Our expert team will come out to your site and meet you to assess the value of your land. We will give you a no obligation offer on the best possible price we can give for your land. If you’re happy then we can move quickly – and the money could be in your account in next to no time.

Why sell your land to Lord Residential?

Have you tried and failed to sell your land through more traditional routes? Avoid agent’s fees and sell your land to us, hassle free! If you need to raise cash quickly then our team can move fast to tie up a deal for your land. We operate throughout Essex and the South East of England and will consider purchasing any portion of land that you need to sell.

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your land, including:

  • Inheritance: Have you inherited a piece of land that you have no use for? Do you fear the costs of continual upkeep? A sale to Lord Residential could turn that land into cash for you to spend on other projects
  • Building in your garden: Do you have a large front or back garden and wish to sell part of it for development? Our expert team will come out and assess the land to see if there is real development potential – and we could make you an offer that will give you the cash you need!
  • Can’t sell: Has your land been on the market with local agents for months without selling? If want to cash in then our team could help. We can make you an offer and move quickly to process the deal.
  • Financial difficulty: If you need cash and fast to clear debts then a sale to us could be the answer to your problems.

If you have land and are interested in selling it, call us on 01206 382655 for an informal chat or email us at