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10 ways to prevent heat loss in your home

The evenings are getting colder with freezing temperatures set to hit Britain in the lead up to Christmas, and while we all want to stay warm, saving money and energy ...


11 top tips for heating up your home – and how to save money

As the night’s are getting colder we all want to heat up our homes and stay warm without racking up large bills at the end of the month. Here, the ...


Planning a home renovation? Here are 7 pitfalls to avoid

Are you planning on renovating your home? If yes, then read these essential pitfalls to avoid before embarking on your project.  Here’s what NOT to do: 1) Don’t overspend. Make sure ...


What Can We Do About Condensation on Windows?

A little water on the inside of your window seems harmless—unless it’s actually a sign of bad ventilation, mold, or mildew. Do you want to find the real reason for the ...


How to Keep Your Home Damp Free

Dampness in your property is, without a doubt, one of the most common problems that affect property owners in the UK and if it is not taken care properly then ...


Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving home, there is no such thing as enough time. The sooner you start cracking through the following, the less stressed you will be. We will ...


What Role Will Broadband Internet Play In The Home Of The Future?

Smart beds that adapt to your body temperature, cars that park themselves, robot vacuums, smart windows that react to light or project a scene of your choice. All are visions ...


How much do you spend on exterior home maintenance?

According to the latest report from Lloyds Bank, the average homeowner in the UK will spend £3,579 every year on the interior of their home, with 57% investing less than ...

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